The right chemistry

Liquid and gas Logistics

In the field of tank operations Jan Dohmen BV shows its expertise by creating the right "chemistry" through various logistic modalities for its customers.

It is therefore that Jan Dohmen BV offers not only road transportation, but makes use of all possible modalities to assure a cost-effective and secure way of transportation. For the transportation of the tank containers there is, next to the chassis also the possibility for a Side-loader that can deliver the container at the location of your choice.

A wide network of partners is operated throughout Europe to deal with transportation from rail-, port or barge terminal to the final destination. Partners are screened and selected via strict procedures according ISO 9001:2015 and are monitored on their performance.

Jan Dohmen BV has many different truck combinations for dedicated products. Several dedicated trailers are available for the products:

  • Carbon Disulphide (CS2)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)
  • Sulphuric acid
  • Acrylonitrile (AN)
  • Sodium Cyanide (NACN)
  • Sodium Hydrogen sulphide (NASH)
  • Anhydrous Ammonia

Jan Dohmen BV its fleet of trucks consists of the latest Euro 6 configuration in which both environmental- and fuel saving issues have been taken into account. The different trailers are used for one product only and are fully equipped with dedicated hoses, couplings and safety accessories. For most of the hazardous products there are dedicated trailers and tank containers for accompanied and unaccompanied transportation.

The majority of tanktrailers is fitted with bottom-operated pressure- and vapour return valves, where the driver no longer has to go on top of the trailer for discharge- and/or loading purposes, increasing safety aspects of discharge- and loading activities. Furthermore we have fitted tanktrailers with dry-break(Todo) couplings which reduces the change of spillage to an absolute minimum and increases safety levels substantial.

Rental equipment

For the intermediate storage of chemicals Jan Dohmen BV offers a variety of tankcontainers all suited for the storage of hazardous goods.

  • Stainless steel - 20ft Tankcontainers capacity ranges: 21.000 – 28.000lit (incl. baffled and non-baffled units)
  • Swap-Bodies - 7,82mtr Swaps capacity ranges: 32.000 – 37.500lit(incl. baffled and non baffled units) 
  • Coated - 20ft Tankcontainers capacity ranges: 17.500 – 26.000lit (incl. baffled and non baffled units)
  • Spillage Containment Basins(SCB) - Capacity ranges: 20.000 – 24.000lit (Combination of our tankcontainer and SCB offers you a fully certified temporary storage facility on-site)

Sideloader services

Jan Dohmen BV operates a fleet of sideloaders, ADR certified with lifting capacity for 20ft units upto 36 tons.

This allows us to handle both loaded and empty tankcontainers on location. The combination of our sideloaders with the use of tankcontainers and scb’s allows us to position your temporary storage equipement without the need for renting heavy cranes or other lifting facilities for this specific purpose !

Tankcontainer service & cleaning

At the Jan Dohmen BV premises there is an own work area, which is fully equipped according to the latest environment- and safety aspects.

Also we are able to provide several services including maintenance and (mandatory) inspections of tankcontainers. Jan Dohmen BV has a non-commercial tank cleaning installation on the premises.

The cleaning area is equipped with its own comprehensive (waste water) purifying installation, in which all waste water is treated before being drained. The purifying installation and waste water are under strict observation to ensure a minimum impact on the environment.

Handling & storage

For the storage and handling of bulk goods the necessary facilities are present.

The tank container park at the premises is entirely liquid proof and equipment for handling empty and loaded tank containers up to 45 Tons is available.

If you have a project, a challenge or just a transport need, please contact us so that we can look together to find the best and most cost effective solutions for you.

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