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Jan Dohmen BV is the specialist in road and intermodal transport of bulk liquid chemicals and gas for the chemical industry, headquartered in Herkenbosch, The Netherlands.

Specialization is not achieved "overnight". It takes more than that, before the demanding chemical industry grants special tasks with specific equipment to a certain haulier.

Jan Dohmen BV is proud to offer substantial amounts of special equipment and services to a variety of customers in this industry. 

We like to see this aspect of the business as the confirmation and acknowledgement from our customers to be a safe, reliable and professional logistical partner.

Excellence in transportation of dangerous goods is not only achieved by making use of the latest technology in terms of equipment but through a permanent commitment to the job by staff involved. With the family based background at Jan Dohmen BV Customers are treated with the utmost respect and an investment is made in every new relation, to serve you in the best possible way.

Training & Safety

The Jan Dohmen BV quality management system is approved by BVQI (Bureau Veritas Quality International) in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

ISO 9001 provides a framework and set of principles that ensure a common-sense approach to the management of our organisation to consistently satisfy our customers and other stakeholders.

In simple terms, it provides the basis for effective processes and effective people to deliver an effective service time after time.

Also an SQAS ROAD and an SQAS CLEANING Assessment has been carried out by BVQI at Jan Dohmen BV. The assessment covered the “Core” and “Road Specific” and “Cleaning Specific” elements and has been carried out using the Cefic – SQAS Questionnaire and Guidelines.

These assessment reports have been entered in the Cefic SQAS Electronic Database and is accessible to the assessed companies and the members of the Cefic SQAS Service Group.

"Quality, safety and responsible care are not just words it’s our attitude."

What does this SQAS imply? The chemical industry in Europe uses logistics services provided by third parties to store, handle and transport raw materials, intermediates and finished chemical products. 

Chemical companies need assurance that these operations are carried out in a safe and responsible way with due regard for the protection of employees, the public and the environment. Now that we are recorded in the Cefic SQAS Electronic Database, Chemical companies can verify that Jan Dohmen BV operates safely, according regulations and knows its responsibility.

Product training Jan Dohmen BV personnel and partnerships

Some dangerous liquids, mostly the dedicated liquids need extra attention. Such as:

  • Carbon Disulphide (CS2);
  • Sodium Hydrogen Sulphide (NASH);
  • Sodium Cyanide (NACN);
  • Acrylonitrile (AN);
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2).

Because of this, product training is given every year or every two years. During these trainings the drivers in particular are first informed about the characteristics of the products. Knowing the composition and the reaction of the product with other elements helps drivers to handle accordingly in case of emergency.

Besides theoretical trainings also practical situations are simulated. For example what to do when there is leakage of product from the tankcontainer or tank trailer.

Also drivers are given information about:

  • Loading and discharge instructions. What to do and what certainly not to do during these processes.
  • Safety measurements to be followed.
  • Which protection outfit to wear.
  • Location of safety showers and first aid kid.
  • Who to call or to inform in case of accidents on factories or during transport.
  • The obligatory transport routing for the products.


In 1912 the brothers Dohmen started their transport operations in the most southern province of Holland, called “Limburg”, for the, in those days active, mining industry in this area.

By means of horse traction large amounts of building supplies and also steam engines were pulled through the woods of Limburg to get the mining industry up and running.

Over one hundred years experience

In a later stage the transportation of coal became core-activity and in 1932 the first truck was bought.

However with the decreasing demand for coal after the war in the late 1940’s and the start of a small alcohol factory in Herkenbosch, it was Jan Dohmen who decided to change the activities of his company, "say from" general cargo to tank transportation.

In 1950 the first tank truck was bought and Jan Dohmen hauled raw materials, molasses, and transported alcohol for the “Lispin” factory in Herkenbosch. When this factory was later taken over by Akzo Nobel a drastic change was brought to the production of alcohol and various chemicals where produced for the pulp & paper industry but also for the soap & detergent industry.

When in the late 1950’s his son in law Piet Wolters joined the company a further specialisation in tank transportation is made.

In 1990 Piet Wolters hands over the company to his two children to secure not only the future of the company but also to see to it that new views and modern management will keep the company on its course into the 21st century. As from January 2007 the executive management has completely been handed over to his daughter Petra Wolters who together with her partner Kees Burger continued the growth of Jan Dohmen.

On the 12th of May 2012 the company Jan Dohmen celebrated its 100 years anniversary. In the presence of all the staff, customers, suppliers, family and friends of Jan Dohmen an important announcement was made. As from the 1st January 2013 the company would be handed over to Joost Sonnemans and Roel van Heugten. After working in the company for many years and already being part of the management they now lead the company as director-shareholders.

Jan Dohmen corporate movie

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